Six Month Smiles

Fix Crooked Teeth In Hurst With Clear Braces

Six Month Smiles clear braces Hurst and North Richland HillsWe understand that our patients want brilliant smiles without enduring the inconvenience of traditional braces. Six Month Smiles is a hassle-free way to fix your crooked teeth and discover the beautiful smile underneath!

Hurst dentist Dr. Hyatt offers Six Month Smiles clear braces to correct crowded, overlapping, or crooked teeth. This innovative method will exert gentle forces, just like traditional braces, to straighten your teeth in around six months’ time.

What are the Advantages of Six Month Smiles?

Why wait years to shift your crooked teeth into a dazzling smile? Our North Richland Hills – Bedford TX area patients can see results in just six months with our comfortable clear braces. Whether you have an important event coming up, or you simply want to transform your smile as quickly as possible, Six Month Smiles is a great option for you.

Some of our patients’ favorite benefits of Six Month Smiles clear braces include:

Fast-Acting | Average treatment time is just six months, which is a small fraction of the time that metal orthodontics may take.
Affordable | Six Month Smiles braces are generally less expensive than other orthodontic methods.
Undetectable | These clear braces include see-through brackets and tooth-colored wires. You can maintain total confidence in your appearance during your short treatment time!
Successful | We have seen great success for our Six Month Smiles patients. This short time frame promotes better hygiene and more predictable results.

Is Six Month Smiles Right for Me?

fix crooked teeth Hurst dentist Bedford TXSix Month Smiles can be used to improve any minor orthodontic issue that is causing crooked teeth. If you’re interested in our no-commitment braces, come in for a free consultation with Dr. Hyatt!

Dr. Hyatt provides Six Month Smiles and ClearCorrect braces, and he can help you decide which treatment is best for you. Dr. Hyatt is known to be conservative and honest in his methods, so you can rest assured that your treatment will be well suited to your situation.

Your movie star smile may be just a phone call away. Contact us at Hyatt Family Dental to schedule your consultation today if you are in the Hurst area, including North Richland Hills and Bedford TX!

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