ClearCorrect Invisible Braces

Get Straight Teeth With Your Hurst Dentist

ClearCorrect invisible braces Hurst dentist North Richland HillsMillions of patients are taking advantage of this discrete and convenient version of orthodontics. ClearCorrect invisible braces are one of the latest advancements in the orthodontic industry. If you’ve always wanted beautiful, straight teeth, now you can have them with ClearCorrect from Hyatt Family Dentistry in Hurst!

How is ClearCorrect Different from Metal Braces?

ClearCorrect invisible braces have proven themselves to be as equally effective as metal braces. On the other hand, there are many differences between ClearCorrect invisible braces and traditional orthodontics. Some of the advantages of ClearCorrect are listed below.

Say Goodbye to Brackets and Wires | You can attain straight teeth without constantly breaking and readjusting pokey brackets and wires. ClearCorrect utilizes smooth plastic aligners that will never irritate the soft tissues inside your mouth.
Enjoy the Power to Choose | With ClearCorrect, you choose when to remove and replace your orthodontics. You choose what foods to eat. Your diet will remain restriction-free because you can remove your aligners whenever you want!
Don’t Inconvenience Yourself | Invisible braces won’t negatively impact your look or your confidence. No one will even notice you’re wearing them! You can also maintain the same convenient dental care routine, because you remove your aligners to brush and floss normally.
See Faster and Better Results | ClearCorrect treatments often require a year or less for completion, depending on the patient’s unique needs. When you have finished your orthodontic treatment, you won’t have to worry about the stains that traditional braces can sometimes leave on your teeth. Your smile will be virtually perfect!

How Does ClearCorrect Work?

get straight teeth with a Hurst dentist Bedford TXDuring your initial consultation with Dr. Hyatt at his practice near Bedford TX, he will mold impressions of your teeth and send them to the lab. He will help you create a treatment plan that suits your unique needs. Within the next few days, our craftsmen will fashion a series of ClearCorrect aligners that will fit you flawlessly.

You will wear your aligners for 22 hours each 24 hour day. Every few weeks, your teeth will be ready for the next set of aligners in your series. These comfortable aligners will slowly reposition your teeth until you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Come consult with our caring physician about ClearCorrect invisible braces. Give us a call at Hyatt Family Dental today if you are in the Hurst area, from North Richland Hills to Bedford TX! Dr. Hyatt would love to hear from you!

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