Dental Implants

Your Dental Implants Dentist In Hurst

dental implants dentist North Richland Hills and Bedford TXAre you missing one or more teeth? Would you like to restore your complete smile with replacement teeth that have a natural look and feel?

Implant dentistry makes it possible for Hyatt Family Dental patients in the Hurst – North Richland Hills area to attain the next-best-thing to real teeth! Dental implants are designed to provide a stable foundation for replacement teeth like dental crowns, bridges, or dentures. Some of the benefits of dental implants include:

Eat Virtually Anything | Tooth loss can limit your diet, but dental implants will restore your ability to chew anything without difficulty.
Enjoy a Natural Look | Your tooth implant will match the rest of your smile seamlessly! You can create a beautiful yet natural look with our dental implants and restorations.
Live Fearlessly | You should never have to be embarrassed about your smile, or worry about false teeth slipping or falling out. Each tooth implant is unfailingly secure so that you can live without fear.
Preserve your Jawbone | Missing teeth can cause jawbone deterioration and a sunken appearance. Each tooth implant works like a real tooth root, stimulating and protecting the volume of your jawbone.
Grin for Years to Come | Most dental work won’t last for more than ten years, but well-maintained dental implants can last for a lifetime!

Implant dentistry has changed the lives of many of our patients. It can change your life, too!

Denture Implants

Are you missing most or all of your top or bottom teeth? Ask Dr. Hyatt about our reliable denture implants. Denture implants, or permanent dentures, are full sets of replacement teeth that are held in place by a few strategically placed dental implants.

Patients find dental denture implants more comfortable and secure than traditional dentures. You will never have to worry about your permanent dentures slipping, sliding, or falling out!

Choose Consistent Care

At Hyatt Family Dental near Bedford TX in Hurst, we will streamline your tooth implant experience. Patients love both the convenience and the consistency of our dental implant process.

Many dentists are unqualified to surgically place dental implants. They send their patients off to a dental implant specialist and then bring them back to the office for the restorations.

We believe that visiting two doctors is inefficient. That’s two doctors that have to get to know your needs and preferences, and two different offices you have to drive to.

The Hyatt Family Dental team is trained and experienced in every step in the tooth implant process. We won’t send you anywhere! We will work with you until you’re satisfied with your beautiful replacement teeth.

Are you interested in all the advantages of implant dentistry? Call us today to schedule a consultation with the friendly Dr. Hyatt. We would love to see you in our Hurst dentist office soon if you are in the area, including North Richland Hills and Bedford TX!

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